The local area



The beaches of Chia are a 10 minute drive from Stella Marina. The various beaches are nearly all surrounded by sand dunes and have beautiful colours. The most fascinating are Su Giudeu and Cala Cipolla. For a (steep) walk with beautiful views down to Capo Teulada go past Cala Cipolla up to the “new” lighthouse, now a luxury small hotel. The very fit can get even better views by walking right up to the “old lighthouse”, high up above.

Cala Zafferano

Cala Zafferano is only accessible by sea. It is part of the military training grounds of Capo Teulada and is open to the public only on Sundays in the summer months and every day in August.  The colours are really amazing!
To reach Cala Zafferano you can hire a RIB with or without a driver from the beach at Forte Village or from Chia.


Tuerredda is in the area of Malfatano, approximately 20 minutes from Stella Marina estate, past Chia. A very popular beach!


Nora beach is a few minutes away from the town of Pula, just before the archeological site of the same name.   Follow the signs in Pula town to the archeological site and Laguna di Nora.


“Is Zuddas” Caves

The limestone caves of Is Zuddas at Santadi, inland from Teulada, have very beautifual sparkling white stalactites and stalagmites and are particularly noted for tiny “eccentric” formations.

Opening hours from October to March:
Montday to Saturday: 12.00 to 16.00
Sunday & Bank holidays: 9.30 to 12.00 and 14.30 to 18.00
from April to September:
Every day from 9.30 to 12.00 and from 14.30 to 18.00
+39 0781 955 741
Notes: may not be suitable for tiny children and older people – lots of steps. You have to take a guided tour.

Further afield at Fluminimaggiore is the splendid cave called Su Mannau.

Pixina Manna forest, Is Cannoneris

A great location for walking and mountain biking, pine woods leading into a wonderful stretch of Mediterranean vegetation, with majestic arbutus, oak and chestnut trees. The park entrance is approximately 3 Km after the Is Molas golf course (the turning is signposted, just before reaching Pula); you can also take a short cut by turning left towards Bacchixeddu restaurant. If you want to drive all the way up to Is Cannoneris, 800 – 1000m above sea level, you need to take the unmade-up road from the village of Domus de Maria, past Chia.



A very ancient village of Punic, Phoenician and Roman origins.
Just next to the beach of Nora you can visit the Roman ruins of a town which was once one of the most important trade ports of the entire Mediterranean.
The lagoon before the archeological site “Laguna di Nora” is also worth a visit to see the aquarium and the turtle “hospital” or recovery centre.  Canoe trips are available.
In the evening in summer Pula is very lively, and many bars and shops stay open ‘till late. You can enjoy dinner or a drink or a delicious homemade ice cream in the Piazza where the council organizes live shows, usually starting about 9pm.


Cagliari is the largest city on the island; it is about 45 minutes by car from Santa Margherita. Cagliari is rich of history and the old parts of the town, “Castello” and “Marina” are very interesting.
It is best to park as soon as you reach the city, along the port or in the railway station car park. The centre is easy to reach on foot and there is also a tourist road train. If you would like to go to Poetto beach, about 5 km further on, PQ and PF bus lines (and PN in the summer) run very frequently.